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Tullett Financial deploys Arcontech’s CityVision StarNet

  • Created on the 26 January, 2004.


Tullett Financial Information, a major provider of money markets, interest rate derivatives and fixed income data from the inter-dealer market, has selected Arcontech, the London-based real-time market data applications and middleware specialist to provide a global distribution system to bolster their direct offerings of market data to customers.

Initially, StarNet will be implemented in London and New York. This will provide increased regional capacity and resilience. Very aggressive timescales have been set for the project – the system is expected to go live early in 2004 against a contract agreed late in November 2003.

Tullett Financial’s customers will be able to choose from and combine several delivery mechanisms:

A web-based implementation will use Arcontech’s “CityVision JClients” Java displays to provide simple access to Tullett Financial’s optional services such as SwapMarker and MortgageMarker.

The web sites will also distribute a package including Arcontech’s CityVision Excelerator, enabling Excel users to access Tullett Financial’s information services directly within spreadsheets, via leased line, RadianzNet or the Public Internet.

The solution includes an innovative page-viewing applet, which allows Tullett Financial’s customers to highlight blocks of data from pages and drag and drop them into Excel. A special add-in developed by Arcontech for Tullett Financial then populates Excel with the underlying record and field definitions and updates them in real-time.

CityVision components will also allow Tullett Financial’s institutional clients and web vendor redistributors to integrate both pages and logical records easily within a multitude of possible web product offerings or corporate intranet solutions.

A specially developed StarNet handler for Tullett Financial’s SURF data feed receives information in page and logical record form and distributes to end-users via Arcontech’s CityVision StarNet middleware.

David Mukerji, director & global head of sales for Tullett Financial says, “It was clear that Arcontech had the underlying components we needed to build the distribution system we specified and a skilled and responsive development team to address our requirements. We’re looking forward to a significant take-up of our products distributed via this technology when the services are launched early this year.”

Andrew Miller, CEO of Arcontech says, “We are very excited about this deployment – it’s StarNet end-to-end and a huge endorsement of our technology as a global real-time messaging platform by yet another major player.”

Under the terms of the deal, Arcontech will also provide assistance, where required, for institutional and vendor clients of Tullett Financial who wish to incorporate the company’s data into their own web pages or intranets. However, according to Miller, the use of CityVision components removes much of the hard work and simplifies greatly the integration task for web support staff.

Miller again: “We have designed our components with the capacity for rapid development in mind and we anticipate significant interest from others in the ground-breaking approach we have taken.”