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Client Engagement Examples

CityVision Symbol Mapper: A Tier 2 client required a solution that would enable the data from one vendor to be converted in real-time to the format of another vendor in order to support an existing internal system and reduce increasingly prohibitive costs. Arcontech, working together with the client delivered a solution within agreed timeframes and in two phases to reduce time to deployment. The system has been running now for over a year and a half and the client has confirmed a significant and ongoing positive impact to their bottom line.

CityVision Excelerator: A Tier 1 client sought to deploy a high performance transport layer for market data across the enterprise. There was a major issue however in that their incumbent Excel Add-in used by hundreds of internal consumers of market data was not able to talk to the proposed transport layer.

After testing Excelerator and another solution in great depth for over six months, Arcontech emerged as the clear winner in the selection process. Since then Arcontech has worked closely with both the provider of the transport layer and the Tier 1 client to build a bridge to the transport layer via Open MAMA and at the same time further configured Excelerator to meet the specific packaging and internal protocol needs of the Tier 1 client. Excelerator has now been rolled out to two hundred users on a global basis.

CityVision MVCS: A globally recognised regulatory organisation required a system that would disseminate its critical financial information to the marketplace. Rather than rely on one of the established market data vendors who would be very happy to do this, the Bank required it be done in a manner that would be completely impartial and fair to both the market data vendors and the consumers of the data. Given Arcontech’s track record in this area and that the Arcontech solution was tried and trusted,  our software now manages the process to ensure the safe and reliable disclosure of this clients information to the market in a fair and impartial manner.

CityVision API: The multi-asset desk at a Tier 1 client needed a solution to create and price their asset baskets in real-time and to publish those prices to share with others on the desk. Already users of Excelerator across the organisation, Arcontech established the traders needs and using our API, worked with the multi-asset desk developer to build a solution. Excelerator with the API build out is now used by all 20 traders on the multi-asset desk.