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CityVision MVCS: Controlled publishing from many sources to many destinations

The CityVision Multi Vendor Contribution System (MVCS) enables you to contribute data automatically and simultaneously to multiple destinations, including Refinitiv, Bloomberg, IDC and Telekurs. Data can be received from any source, such as TREP, Excel spreadsheets, trading systems, pricing engines and other contributions systems.

All destinations such as Refinitiv, Bloomberg and IDC are handled independently and in their required protocol. MVCS is structured so a problem or backlog on one channel will not degrade the performance of others.

MVCS can run across multiple servers with many outputs to each destination, giving increased capacity, added resilience, alternative routing and data prioritisation, for example across time-zones. Hot-standby and load balancing between remotely located servers, coupled with on-line, dynamic configuration means that you support your global business requirements.


MVCS Highlights:

  • Vendor agnostic: Independent of data destinations
  • Fast and efficient: With advanced port load-balancing
  • Complete data support: Includes chains, records, pages and mappings between them
  • Proven solution: Scalable, multi-threading CityVision technology used by multiple Tier 1 institutions
  • Resilient: High availability with automatic fail-over to hot-standby
  • Flexible: Full control of throttling and conflation together with filter, alert and embargo functions
  • Intelligent: Dynamic bandwidth optimisation
  • Multiple operating systems: Support for Redhat Linux, Solaris X86 and Microsoft Windows with fully multi-threaded software
  • Dynamic configuration: Avoid the need for aftermarket changes
  • Comprehensive API: For custom integration

MVCS works with all CityVision modules, such as the Cache, Excelerator and all other components to build a complete and compelling alternative for a data platform.