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Arcontech is the leading provider of real-time market data management solutions.

With multi-source data collection, value added processing, publishing, distribution and display, Arcontech provides a highly performant, cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional market data infrastructure.

We support open-source solutions as a further means for our clients to reduce cost and provide them with the flexibility to choose or change; vendor, data or infrastructure. To that end our software is OpenMAMA compliant where we are a Steering Committee member and we are a member of the Linux Foundation.

We are also Bloomberg, Refinitiv and Symphony development partners underlining our independence and ability to deliver viable, value added, vendor agnostic solutions to meet financial institutions real-time market data workflow needs.

Our clients include Global Tier 1 and Tier 2 financial market participants along with key market regulators.


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Market Data Platform View Productarrow icon

A fast, flexible, reliable and scalable real-time platform with connectivity to Bloomberg, TREP and other data sources and destinations. CityVision can streamline, add flexibility and reduce the cost of your market data operations, whilst complementing, replacing and cross connecting existing infrastructure.

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CityVision MVCS

Multi Vendor Contribution View Productarrow icon

High performance, vendor-independent solution for controlled, simultaneous real-time contributions to multiple destinations including Refinitiv and Bloomberg. Reliable and resilient with dynamic configuration and advanced bandwidth optimisation, mapping and data quality control.

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Real Time Excel View Productarrow icon

Publish and subscribe to multiple sources and destinations via CityVision or direct connect to TREP, Bloomberg and other data sources and destinations. Share market sheets and derived prices internally or with clients. Full support for records, chains and pages, including full colour ANSI broker page pop-out displays.

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CityVision Cache

Data Cache & Calculations Engine View Productarrow icon

A high performance, reliable cache with a calculation engine and options for data transformation, page shredding and the ability to connect across platforms.

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CityVision Relay

Real-Time Data Distribution Engine View Productarrow icon

Relay provides a means to connect market data between business locations and users by connecting one RMDS/TREP backbone to one or multiple others, providing complete flexibility across your global market data network.

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CityVision Symbol Mapper

Real-Time Data Conversion View Productarrow icon

CityVision Symbol Mapper allows Market Data Managers to separate data integration from the data source, the solution empowers an organisation to select their market data independently of the connecting application.

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CityVision API

Development, Integration or Build-Out View Productarrow icon

Arcontech’s CityVision API facilitates fast and efficient development of real-time market data applications. Simple and elegant, one line written under the API can equate to as much as four pages of underlying code.

Why Choose Arcontech?

  • Experts in real time market data systems
  • Flexible, partnership approach for rapid results
  • Proven track record with regulatory and global Tier 1 and Tier 2 Clients
  • Over 30 years real-time experience
  • World-class products and service
  • Vendor independent, for choice and impartiality
  • Clients include: Nykredit logo Santander logo Barclays, Bank of England, Citi, J P Morgan, Lloyds Bank, Morgan Stanley