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Speedy CityVision is the fastest real-time data suite on the market

  • Created on the 1 June, 2007.


Arcontech – a leading developer of market data software – asserts that its CityVision suite is the fastest application on the market for publishing prices and other data in real time, with latest performance details showing competitors are still struggling to match its speed.

Andrew Miller, managing director of Arcontech, says: “In today’s electronic markets with increasing volumes and high levels of algorithmic trading, speed and throughput are essential since having prices that are ‘behind the market’ by even a fraction of a second can prove costly. In IT jargon, speed is measured by ‘latency’ – the time it takes for a piece of information to get from one point to another. The lower the latency, the more accurate the data is for the user and the lower the risk to the institution.

“I follow competitive announcements with interest, such as the recent release from Gissing that their latest upgrade can now ‘deliver data to its destination in less than a millisecond’. This may be an improvement on their current offering, but I’d be surprised if firms with serious needs were impressed, particularly as no throughput figures or hardware requirements are given. CityVision crossed the millisecond boundary many years ago and now demonstrates latency over ten times lower – well under 100 microseconds – and sustained rates of over 50,000 mps running on $1000 PCs.”

“CityVision continues to be the financial markets’ most complete and flexible industrial-strength true real-time data platform, covering distribution, contribution and on-line trading. It’s used by over a hundred firms with tens of thousands of end users.”

Continuous upgrades ensure that CityVision can rapidly address new opportunities and requirements such as MiFID price transparency, best execution and the burgeoning on-line trading markets. Arcontech technology has recently been selected for on-line trading and price distribution at two new London based dealing operations (yet to be announced but planned to go live later this year).