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New additions to MarketTerminal as London equity markets evolve

  • Created on the 13 November, 2006.


Provider of market information services in the finance sector KTS PLC (AIM: KTS) is adding real-time equity prices, news and other company data from Virt-x and Plus Markets to MarketTerminal, its live market data service. Access to information from the additional exchanges will be available on MarketTerminal from early next year at no additional subscription cost to users.

The two exchanges are becoming increasingly established with the UK trading community, and have been added to MarketTerminal to ensure market participants have a complete picture of all trading activity in the London equity markets.

Plus Markets currently trades over 800 small and mid-cap company shares, representing a combined market capitalisation of over £145 billion, while trading on Virt-x, a cross-border trading platform, had a trading turnover of almost £50 billion for pan-European equities in 2005. With the focus of MarketTerminal solely for users working and trading in the UK market, KTS will no longer be providing information from US and other non-London-based exchanges from January 2007.

Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer, Chief Executive of KTS PLC, said:

“The London equity markets are changing rapidly, and with the introduction of the new MiFID directive towards the end of next year there will be further acceleration in changing market requirements. The beauty of our technology is that MarketTerminal is a very flexible product which will always keep up with the times and have the content that our clients really need. With the addition of Plus Markets and Virt-x, we believe MarketTerminal will offer the most complete picture of London-traded equities and be the best value product on the market.”