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Major Vendor deploys Arcontech as real-time data aggregator

  • Created on the 20 June, 2006.


A major vendor of real-time market data terminal services has gone live with Arcontech’s CityVision StarNet real-time market data aggregator, supporting pan-European data contributions from the investment banking community.

The StarNet system went into production earlier this year and is currently receiving real-time data content from about a dozen banks, primarily fixed-income data. The system is extensible to receive instruments in any asset class, from hundreds of contributors and to provide controlled re-distribution.

This announcement follows Arcontech’s recent success in the ‘networking initiative of the year’ category at The Banker magazine’s technology awards earlier this month.

Andrew Miller, managing director of Arcontech said: “We are particularly pleased to be working with another major data vendor handling contributions aggregation. It vindicates our extensive R&D spend and shows that our software is consistently as reliable, flexible and extensible as we designed it to be.”

The contract was awarded after a very thorough and comprehensive proof of concept project, designed to show that Arcontech’s existing product could succeed where the competition had failed. Miller again: “We knew we had a good chance when we were able to deploy, within a few days, a system with all the key features and facilities required. From then the system rolled smoothly into production, with minimal work to achieve integration with the existing ticker plant.”

The CityVision Aggregator installation is exactly the same product that could be installed by others to support pan-European MiFID data aggregation. It can ingest data from many sources and protocols, including spreadsheets, existing de-facto standards and FIX. It also has comprehensive APIs and a full authentication and entitlements system. These, together with its seamless integration with the CityVision StarNet distribution system mean that it is an ideal solution for many MiFID real-time data requirements, from the smallest “one in, one out” to the very largest ticker plant applications.