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Latest Arcontech DNA gives new life for real-time developers

  • Created on the 20 May, 2010.


London, 20th May 2010.  Arcontech, the leading independent provider of market data contributions and real-time platform integration software, has announced the latest version of its CityVision DNA (.NET API), first introduced in February 2008.  DNA is an advanced interface which allows firms using the Microsoft .NET environment to greatly reduce the time and skills needed to develop sophisticated market data algorithms.  It enables programmatic interaction with other services and systems connected via the CityVision real—time market data middleware.

The latest release gives developers the full advantage of enhancements in the underlying CityVision Platform to send and retrieve data in real-time from multiple sources and destinations.

An important addition is the ability to connect directly to the Thomson Reuters RMDS infrastructure using RFA (the Reuters Foundation Architecture), with automatic configuration.  This effectively ‘wraps’ the RFA libraries with a C# interface, giving .NET developers the ability to write true real-time applications more reliably in a fraction of the time and with far fewer lines of code. Most common tasks can be achieved by using just a single line of code.  Less coding means less chance of bugs and less overhead in developer hours, saving time and money.

DNA supports full multi-threading, allowing programmes to take maximum advantage of the load scaling capabilities of today’s multiple processor, multi-core computers and operating systems.  This is particularly significant for complex, high throughput and time-critical functions such as algorithmic trading interfaces, because it allows code simplification and provides predictable performance under continuous heavy load conditions.

Andrew Miller, Managing Director of Arcontech commented: “DNA has two modes of operation, synchronous and asynchronous.  Synchronous mode supports high functionality with absolutely minimal code, whereas asynchronous mode allows for truly high performance, still with relatively trivial coding, the API handling all the technical detail.  DNA is generating considerable interest with clients and prospects and has already been used in a number of successful developments, including broker trading systems integration.”