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KTS and Arcontech launch new website

  • Created on the 11 March, 2008.


KTS Plc, a leading provider of web-delivered real-time market data solutions, has created a new website to emphasise its new focus following the recent acquisition of Arcontech.

The site highlights the benefits of both KTS and Arcontech products and promotes specific specialities such as Contracts for Difference (CFDs) trading and enterprise level data distribution systems. Users can now navigate faster and more effectively around the site, enabling them more easily to find suitable products and services from KTS/Arcontech.

Andrew Miller, CEO of KTS Plc commented: “KTS and Arcontech have world class technology. The commercial viability of using the combined technologies is evidenced by the recent selection of KTS by Borse Berliner for its Equiduct web portal. Our new website provides a starting point for those seeking enterprise level solutions in many areas of real-time data acquisition, distribution and on-line trading”.

The website is available from both and