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Borse Berlin Equiduct Trading selects KTS for market data web portal

  • Created on the 1 January, 2008.


Knowledge Technology Solutions plc (“KTS”, “the Company”) Completion of the acquisition of Arcontech Limited Admission of New Ordinary Shares to trading on AIM

16 January 2008, Berlin / London: BÅ¡rse Berlin announced today that it has selected KTS Plc, a leading provider of real-time market data solutions, to develop and provide ongoing hosting for the Web Portal giving online access to real-time market data to be produced by BÅ¡rse Berlin Equiduct Trading at the launch of its new pan- European trading platform ETS. The system will be accessible via the BÅ¡rse Berlin Equiduct Trading website from April 2008 enabling users to view the Equiduct VBBO (Virtual Best Bid/Offer). Pre and post trade data from its Hybrid and PartnerEx market segments will come online in mid 2008.

“We have chosen an established market data vendor for this project to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ and to enable us to concentrate on providing the best quality exchange services for our participants. We have found a partner who will be responsive to our evolving needs and one with whom we can work together to enhance and build a truly beneficial source of data for our clients.” says Rob Brouwer, Chief Information Officer, Equiduct Systems.

Andrew Miller, CEO of KTS, comments: “The financial markets are evolving rapidly to include many non-traditional execution venues. KTS supports the innovation of firms like BÅ¡rse Berlin Equiduct Trading by providing tailored solutions for the consolidation and display of market data along with a managed hosting service.”

“BÅ¡rse Berlin Equiduct Trading will be an important venue resulting from the regulatory changes introduced by MiFID. Our selection is evidence of our strong positioning and ability to address these and other large scale opportunities. As the first commercial project to use both Arcontech’s low-latency middleware and KTS’s proven flexible, browser-delivered display technology, it represents an endorsement of our strategy to combine these two businesses. We are delighted to be part of this venture.” adds Miller.

Artur Fischer, Joint Chief Executive Officer, BÅ¡rse Berlin adds “We believe that the Equiduct VBBO will become the European benchmark price as part of each investment firm’s equity best execution policy. The full depth of the virtual book, from which the VBBO is derived, will be used to calculate volume weighted execution prices as part of the PartnerEx segment of the BÅ¡rse Berlin Equiduct Trading market thus differentiating Equiduct VBBO from other consolidated data feeds.”
About BÅ¡rse Berlin Equiduct Trading

Bšrse Berlin has consistently aligned its service offerings to the requirements of modern exchange trading. Trading foreign shares is its specialty. The foreign share- market was developed in the mid-nineties and has been continually extended. With the majority stake in Equiduct, Bšrse Berlin starts a process of newly positioning itself. The aim is to use the opportunities that the European Directive in Financial Markets (ÒMiFIDÓ) offers.

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About Equiduct Systems

Equiduct Systems will provide the first MiFID-compliant, integrated pan-European single point of connectivity for trading services through the regulated market operated by BÅ¡rse Berlin. Equiduct’s unique market model addresses the four key requirements of best execution, enabling guaranteed execution at the lowest cost and at the best price with less than 10 milliseconds turnaround time.

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About KTS

Knowledge Technology Solutions PLC is a leading provider of real-time market data solutions. KTS has been established in London’s financial district, the City, since 1999 and is a public company listed on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: KTS). In 2007, KTS acquired Arcontech Ltd., a specialist in real-time market data distribution and trading systems as part of its strategic initiative to provide enterprise level systems for the financial markets.

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