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bet365 goes live with CityVision from Arcontech

  • Created on the 1 August, 2005.


bet365, one of the UK’s leading betting and gaming firms, has rolled out Arcontech’s CityVision product to automate its betting price distribution to television based Teletext services, including Sky, Channel 4 and Aertel in Ireland.

The system integrates with bet365’s internal price generation system, allowing logical (record based) price data to be published in real-time to Teletext pages.

John Coates, Chief Executive of bet365 said “We needed a proven, flexible and robust solution to support our expansion and reduce overheads. Arcontech were able to demonstrate this”.

bet365 developers used the CityVision application programming interface to achieve tight integration, including completely automated price updates.

The system supports the various protocols in use by different Teletext service providers, offloading the technicalities and allowing bet365 to concentrate on their business.

A comprehensive page editor supports flexible layout of data across ‘template’ pages. Content can flow across many pages and can be arranged in multiple columns with colours and formatting to maximize impact of Teletext displays.

Once pages are activated, they can be routed to multiple destinations, each being kept up-to-date as close to real-time as the network will allow. Andrew Miller, Managing Director of Arcontech said: “We are delighted to be selected by bet365. This further increases the usage of our leading edge software in the top firms, both in sports and financial betting and trading. It’s a great example of a typical smooth roll-out of our product, with customisation undertaken by the client using our simple interfaces.