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Arcontech’s latest Excelerator brings savings and flexibility to real-time

  • Created on the 31 July, 2006.


Arcontech, a leading supplier of real-time data distribution systems and desktop integration software has announced the latest release of its object oriented ‘add-in’ technology for Microsoft Excel, CityVision Excelerator.

The Excelerator suite allows traders, analysts and other users of market data to receive, manipulate and re-publish data in true real-time, with sophisticated traffic management and user presentation features.

The latest version includes some significant advances over other products in the market place. Amongst these are: intelligent traffic management; advanced user interface features, including up/down tick and trend highlighting; true resilience with hot-standby recovery from network failure; and flexible built-in translation between different field naming schemas.

Andrew Miller, managing director of Arcontech said: “Excelerator is one of those great products we’ve had for so long that we almost forget to tell people about it. Built from our core real-time objects, it automatically inherits the incredible reliability and speed of our real-time middleware. Add to this its object oriented approach to Excel and the result is something that outperforms others by a margin”.

Excelerator supports pages (including shredding), records, chains and tickers in true real-time, automatically adjusting for chain content and size changes, signaling stale data, source and service failure, so users are aware when data may be suspect.

A typical application for Excelerator is to provide global capability for data contribution and reception, replacing or augmenting other market data desktops where speed, accuracy and control of data is critical, and where cost and flexibility are key issues. Miller again: “With 100 or so firms using Excelerator, there can be no doubt about its relevance. Firms need to keep their costs and data under control, without losing reliability or flexibility. The fact that Excelerator links seamlessly with CityVision StarNet means that issues of authentication, entitlements, firewalls and proxies, etc are all resolved ‘out of the box’ so implementation can be as fast as the customer can move.”

Excelerator is currently in Beta test in the City and expected to ship in August.