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Arcontech’s Excelerator Gains New Clients

  • Created on the 21 March, 2011.


London, 21st March 2011.  Following the release of the latest version in January, Arcontech is pleased to announce contracts with a number of new clients for its CityVision “Excelerator” add-in for real-time market data functionality within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The clients range in size and function from a smaller UK hedge fund to the US based broker-dealer operation of a large international bank.

The new clients have been acquired following extensive evaluation programmes, during which many client suggestions were incorporated into the product, addressing some specific needs for deployment in mission critical positions.

Common factors leading to Excelerator being chosen over competitive products have been the speed and control of updates into and from the spreadsheet, plus the ease of deployment. Andrew Miller, CEO of Arcontech said: “In this age of ultra low-latency and DMA trading Excel still remains prevalent on the dealing desktop and its performance is truly important. Users report that Excelerator is significantly faster to get data into the sheet, which can mean the difference between hitting or missing an available price or quantity.”

The innate performance is a key attribute of Excelerator, adding value, for example, when connected directly to an RMDS platform. However, when coupled with other CityVision components and data sources, it is possible to radically reduce the time-to-trade, for example by monitoring news headlines for interest rate changes, and setting a trading trigger accordingly.  Speed of contributions from Excel is also important and users report a clear advantage over other products when using Excelerator.

The abilities to pop-out user configurable market data displays, including full ANSI inter dealer broker pages, save and restore layouts and ‘shred’ data back to the sheet with simple drag and drop, all add to viability of the Excel/Excelerator combination as a real-time market data desktop.

Miller added: “The value proposition is clear; Excelerator can reduce considerably the cost per dealer over bundled packages, particularly when contributions, internal data or direct feeds are important. It’s encouraging that we’re seeing take-up on both the sell-side and the buy-side.”