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Arcontech’s Excelerator finds favour in Europe

  • Created on the 29 April, 2009.


London, 24th April 2009.  Following evaluation against competitive products, Arcontech has been selected to supply its CityVision Excelerator real-time market data “add-in” for Microsoft Excel™ to a large European bank, replacing the incumbent solution in a cost-cutting exercise.

The Excelerator product allows traders to bring real-time into their spreadsheets from multiple sources, including direct exchange feeds and the Reuter RMDS platform. It is extremely simple to use and very fast compared with other products, allowing large spreadsheets to calculate in true real-time or at a controlled update rate if preferred.

Commenting on the win, Andrew Miller, CEO of Arcontech said: “Excelerator has been the best performing add-in for Excel for many years and is already a core component for trading operations globally.  The new features remove barriers to change and mean that firms have a simple path to improved performance and greater flexibility, with potential for greatly reduced costs.  Efficient use of market data budgets is increasingly important and Excelerator, along with intelligent use of internally derived data and alternative data sources such as Chi-X and Equiduct can mean multi-million dollar annual savings in relatively small operations.”

Features in the latest release that proved persuasive in recent evaluations include: the ability to connect directly to RMDS using Tibco Rendezvous multicast as well as point-to-point server connections; user interface features such as dynamic record and field entry; tick and trend highlighting; the ability to run an Excel macro automatically following an update; and the ability to convert multiple complex Reuter PowerPlusPro spreadsheets in one simple operation.

Miller again: “Excelerator really is in a class of its own. Being part of our CityVision suite, it benefits from a combination of features that competitors simply can’t match, like dynamic chain handling, in-cell stale data alerting, price movement visualization, intelligent bandwidth management and instant fail-over combined with platform and vendor independence.”

The latest version 4.0.1 is available now.