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Arcontech Releases AXE version 3.4

  • Created on the 10 November, 2008.


Arcontech Releases AXE version 3.4 for spread betting with a raft of new features

London, 10th November 2008.  Arcontech, the wholly owned subsidiary of KTS plc has released version 3.4 of its AXE trading platform, aimed at brokers offering financial derivatives trading, such as Contracts for Difference (CFDs), to the retail market. Version 3.4 contains many new features, now fully supporting spread betting as well as CFDs.

A significant enhancement is the inclusion of a new interface, written in Microsoft’s .net environment using Arcontech’s proven CityVision DNA real-time API. This utilises the real-time CityVision infrastructure to greatly enhance the performance for trade and order handling as well as significantly improving the on-screen presentation and ease of use for front office dealers.

Optional advanced features are also available, such as a web-delivered application that allows client agents and introducing broker partners of the primary broker to trade on behalf of multiple individual clients quickly and efficiently, and a ‘trading clubs’ facility that allows bulk trades to be conducted as a single action and allocated in defined proportions across multiple accounts.

The new version was released in October and is already live with two customers.

Commenting on the new developments Andrew Miller, managing director of Arcontech said: “We continue to invest significantly in AXE and have undertaken the latest phases in response to and in close liaison with our AXE clients.  We have further exciting developments on the product road map and believe AXE to be the best off-the-shelf product for the market at the current time.  Our ability to customise the ‘look and feel’ and to incorporate specific requirements makes the product a natural choice for firms looking at these lucrative markets”