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Arcontech re-launches Excelerator

  • Created on the 1 July, 2005.


Hot on the heels of its recognition at The Banker technology awards ceremony this month, Arcontech is re-launching several of its prize-winning products in a drive to increase market awareness of its leading edge technologies.

First in line is the CityVision Excelerator add-in for Microsoft Excel, which enables spreadsheet users to get real-time data from multiple sources into their displays and calculations very efficiently.

Excelerator connects to any node in a global or local CityVision StarNet and allows authorised users to access any data to which they are entitled. This could be internal prices, data from other spreadsheets or data from external feeds, such as Reuters or Comstock. It allows complete hub-and-spoke or peer-to-peer real-time interchange between spreadsheets.

It also connects directly or via intelligent caching nodes to other real-time platforms such as Reuters Triarch and RMDS and requires little or no additional infrastructure.

Andrew Miller, Managing Director of Arcontech said: “We’re realised that Excelerator, one of our best products, is little known in its natural market place. It’s a proven and mature product with all the benefits of a full market data platform behind it, including data access control, stale data notification and, of course, Internet distribution.

Excelerator was first launched six years ago and has been continually upgraded. Now completely re-built on that latest CityVision API, Arcontech expects Excelerator to be successful in a number of dealing and off-floor scenarios where real-time data is required from a variety of sources, some which may not be supported by the incumbent platform, or where the costs of other solutions can’t easily be justified. Miller again: “If Excel is you thing, you may need nothing more. Think of it as Napster for market data”.