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Arcontech makes real time teletext free on web

  • Created on the 8 September, 2006.


Arcontech, a leading supplier of real-time data distribution systems and desktop integration software has announced a free trial of CityVision JStation, giving access to teletext pages over the internet.

JStation is a browser-delivered ‘thin client’ desktop for real-time market data display. JStation is vendor independent, one of the many feeds it supports is teletext generated from the various TV channels or by other CityVision real-time systems. JStation allows multiple teletext pages to be displayed conveniently in a browser. Colin Bootle, the JStation designer at Arcontech said “This (product) is ideal for sports and betting houses, as there is no longer a need for a separate TV for each page or channel. Instead, an unlimited number of teletext pages can be viewed side-by-side, from multiple sources. There is no need to wait for sub-pages to cycle round – they too can be viewed instantly. Updates are in real-time, so it’s faster than FastText!”

JStation is not limited to teletext. It can display all the data handled by Arcontech’s CityVision – including the major vendors plus internally sourced data. Teletext demonstrates that Arcontech is able to deal with unusual feeds in the same consistent manner that it handles market data feeds. JStation can display pages, quotes, tables etc, whilst CityVision servers provide page building, shredding and calculation from multiple sources.

Traditional market data displays can be tedious to install, configure, maintain, permission and support, as well as expensive. JStation removes these issues – users simply point their browsers at the appropriate website (see trial details below). All configuration and permissioning is done centrally with nothing stored on the user’s machine. The teletext trial gives users permission just to see teletext pages, unaware that other users may have permission to see exchange feeds or other market data.

Maintenance is equally simple – to update all users with the latest version simply update the version on the website. Andrew Miller, managing director at Arcontech added: “JStation is ideal for providing remote and ‘off-floor’ users with a market data display, minimizing deployment and support costs and eliminating high charges for internal data distribution”.

To sign-up for the JStation teletext trial, simply visit Arcontech’s website at and select “Products” followed by “Live Teletext”.