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Arcontech links with Comstock to deliver cost saves

  • Created on the 10 March, 2003.


London-based real-time software specialist Arcontech has developed a new version of its CityVision TraderStation market data distribution and display platform to handle real-time data from Comstock, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Interactive Data Corporation. The software company believes this will offer users potential savings of greater than fifty percent compared with other vendors’ solutions.

The alignment with Comstock positions CityVision TraderStation as a cost-effective alternative to traditional trading systems like Reuters’ Kobra and Triarch. The feedhandlers that Arcontech has already developed can distribute data from other information providers and platforms, giving a clear migration path for users seeking alternatives. Importantly, CityVision can also be used for integrated distribution of internally generated real-time information.

“CityVision is an open platform and TraderStation remains vendor neutral. Nonetheless, Comstock has a strong reputation and broad coverage in the markets it serves, such as equities, futures and options. Cost-effective integration of its data with internal and 3rd party sources in real-time is generating interest in many firms,” said Andrew Miller, managing director of Arcontech. In particular, users of Reuters RTW workstation will be looking for alternatives when Reuters ends support for it during this summer.

TraderStation is compliant with Arcontech’s CityVision StarNet, which extends CityVision to wide-area networks and the Internet, allowing the delivery of real-time data anywhere on a 24/7 basis. StarNet features bandwidth optimisation, alternative routing capabilities, automatic reconnect and data recovery. Via StarNet TraderStation can be used in off-floor, remote office and home positions where dedicated terminals would be inappropriate or prohibitively expensive.

TraderStation for Comstock is driven by a powerful real-time feed-handler and symbology engine that allows users to choose how records and fields are named, and to group them into chains for ease of retrieval.

Display configurations can be set up individually or centrally and published for use by workgroups. They can include custom pages, quotes, quote lists, tickers, news, alerts, charts, white boards and browser pages. User-defined function keys, button bars and hyperlinks provide flexible look and feel and fast data access. Support for DDE, COM and Visual Basic scripting further increase the power and flexibility for advanced users.