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Arcontech Launches New Multi-Page Contributor

  • Created on the 1 May, 2005.


Arcontech has added a powerful new product to its CityVision product suite that improves visibility, control and ease of market data page creation and contribution to multiple destinations, including Vendors like Reuters and Bloomberg.

The new Page Contributor integrates fully with the CityVision StarNet global real-time infrastructure, supporting end-user entitlements and multiple domains. This greatly improves security, traceability and control of page contributions.

A comprehensive editor supports free typing and import of drag and drop from Word and Excel. Content flows across however many pages are needed, with warnings issued if text exceeds the number of allocated pages. Protected forms enable simple and rapid use of ‘template’ pages for standard announcements.

Multiple concurrent users are supported with system-wide page locking preventing accidental conflict.

Desk-top visibility and control is a key feature of the new product. Users can be profiled to be alerted to any system status changes or to problems with specific destinations only. This means that different workgroups need not be concerned with problems outside their areas. 24 hour monitoring and trouble-shooting is aided by comprehensive configurable email alerting.

Andrew Miller, Managing Director of Arcontech said: “We undertook this significant new development at the request of major clients, for whom page based contribution is a business-critical part of their operations. We have further plans for product improvement which our research shows will be important for other potential users.”