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Arcontech launches new Excelerator giving market data users the fastest performance

  • Created on the 1 May, 2007.


Faster than RTD and compatible with Chi-X and other MiFID data sources

Arcontech – a leading developer of real-time market data software – has today unveiled version 4 of CityVision Excelerator, its flagship application for allowing traders, analysts and other market data users to receive data real-time into Microsoft Excel, whether from a network or from the internet.

Andrew Miller, managing director of Arcontech, says: “Excelerator has always been the fastest product in the market, allowing users of market data to publish and exchange data between spreadsheets in true real-time across the globe. It’s like instant messaging for data, with the added ability to manipulate and visualise it in real-time using the full power of Excel.

“Excelerator has been updated to be even faster and to incorporate automatic dynamic control of update rates in anticipation of ever-increasing data volumes as a result of MiFID, and to take account of new trends such as firms looking to distribute internal data and data direct from emerging venues such as Chi-X. We believe Excelerator offers the best overall performance in the market.

“Bankers and analysts are expecting cheaper and higher quality data as a result of MiFID’s price publication obligations. They want to be able to take advantage without being tied into ‘bundled’ vendor products: Excelerator provides a no-compromise solution for those who don’t want to incur the high cost of traditional vendor terminals just to use the Excel components.”

Excelerator is currently licensed by institutions ranging from leading investment banks and brokers, such as Tullett Prebon Information, through to on-line bookmakers such as Sporting Index. It is also provided on a ‘white-labelled’ basis by firms wishing to publish data direct as provided for under MiFID, disintermediating vendors.

Other highlights include:

Users have more choice to suit the way they work: A revised, more efficient RTD approach for simple sheets and ad hoc use; or Arcontech’s own CVCom which is faster and more flexible for larger, structured sheets;

Excelerator incorporates dynamic permission control so that changes to a user’s entitlements are recognised and acted on immediately, another step towards zero down-time for busy dealing rooms;

Excelerator supports pages, records, chains and tickers in true real-time, automatically adjusting for chain content and size changes, signalling stale data and source and service failure. Users will be aware when data is suspect;

A new ‘formula wizard’ allows users to convert spreadsheets from existing providers in bulk or individually, easing migrations;

Dialog boxes automate the creation of formulae from scratch, easing initial setup, whilst context sensitive menus provide one-click conversion between CVCom and RTD;

Users can choose to receive data in real-time or they can opt for a user configurable ‘conflation period’ where rapid updates are collated before updating Excel. This allows large and complex spreadsheets to be built without the processor overload often suffered in busy markets with competitive products.