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Arcontech Expands Adapter Strategy

  • Created on the 10 October, 2011.


London, 10th October 2011.  Arcontech, supplier of “CityVision”, the leading vendor-independent real-time market data distribution, contribution and cross-platform connectivity software, has outlined its strategy for “adapter” technology, to support flexibility and increase customer choice of data vendor, technology provider and architecture.

At the FISD conference in Tokyo last month, Chandra Dass, Head of CityVision Sales for Arcontech asked some thought provoking questions and outlined their strategy for two-way adapters to provide the answers that many firms are looking for.

A major programme, in response to market feedback, has resulted in several significant enhancements to CityVision. Firstly, the core platform is now available on the operating systems typically prevalent in major banks and brokers – namely Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris X86 and Linux. Secondly, adapter development now provides a flexible framework for integration at both the client and server level for direct feeds, RMDS, Bloomberg and Tibco RV. It also means that applications written using the CityVision API can run with little or no change in different environments, greatly reducing redevelopment costs. Thirdly, configuration has been increasingly automated, reducing time and complexity for component roll-out.  Finally, detailed user-features and interoperation capability such as Open DACS integration and “compatibility modes” provide for migration paths which reduce or eliminate cost and risk of change.

Andrew Miller, Managing Director of Arcontech said “In simple terms, this means CityVision components make interoperability between major technologies and environments within existing market data infrastructures easier and more powerful, enabling clients to realise true choice and benefit from vendor replacement strategies.

For example, the market appears to welcome various vendor initiatives in enterprise architecture and open systems, but a mass change from an incumbent vendor can be a difficult transition.  There are many internal systems and workflows that need to be considered. A controlled migration over months or years is likely to yield best results with lowest risk.  Close interoperability is needed and that’s where we expect our products to gain considerable traction.”

Components from the new range have already been licensed to several financial institutions, with installations in the UK, mainland Europe, USA and the Far East.

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