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CityVision Relay

CityVision Relay: Real-time data distribution engine

Relay provides a means to connect market data between business locations and users by connecting one RTDS/TREP backbone to one or multiple others, providing complete flexibility across your global market data network.

Relay allows market data to be accessed seamlessly and bi-directionally either locally or from other locations enabling the organisation to streamline its global infrastructure and local support costs.

Available on Linux and Windows platforms, Relay is multi-threaded to maximise high data throughput.


CityVision Relay Highlights

  • Direct replacement for incumbent cascaded solutions
  • Reduces data, infrastructure and support costs by optimising market data distribution
  • Compliant with existing permissioning systems (eg. DACS)
  • Handles all real-time data available on RTDS/TREP
  • Supported across Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Full redundancy allows servers to be globally distributed