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Arcontech adds Calculation Engine to its award-winning CityVision suite

  • Created on the 1 September, 2007.


Arcontech, a leading developer of real-time market data software, has launched CityVision Calculation Engine, the latest addition to its award-winning CityVision software suite.

CityVision, Arcontech’s platform for real-time data publishing, is well established and proven with major City institutions. The CityVision Calculation Engine (CCE) adds power to the platform by enabling high performance calculations on data from a wide range of sources (such as data feeds, internal data and spreadsheets). The derived data is then available for publishing in real-time to many destinations including trading systems, third party systems like Microsoft Excel and Reuters RMDS, and data re-distributors (such as Reuters and Bloomberg), as well as direct to customers via the internet and web.

The CCE is capable of many thousands of transformations per second, operating in true real-time with low latency. It achieves amazing performance from standard Wintel PCs, with full real-time reporting of pricing anomalies. It provides full Application Programming Interface (API) support for both pricing and status mean that integration with advanced algorithmic trading system is simplified – early users have reported speed improvement of around 30ms over existing systems – which can be vital for securing the best deals ahead of the competition.

Andrew Miller, the managing director of Arcontech, said: “This is an important addition to our CityVision suite, particularly in support of pricing for on-line trading, such as our recently announced AXE trading system.

“It also has value in MiFID best execution and market monitoring scenarios, as it handles multiple sources and can be programmed according to individual execution policies. Its modular approach means that functionality can be added without the need to rebuild, speeding up development cycles and improving reliability.”

The new CityVision Calculation Engine provides:


  • The ability for users to create “plug-in” calculations to their own specification;
  • Support for record and chain-based calculations;
  • Plug ‘n’ play integration with other CityVision components to distribute results over intranets and internet works, such as the Web and BT Radianz;
  • Integrates with market data platforms (e.g. Triarch/RMDS) and Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Custom integration via APIs for Java, C++ and .net;
  • Windows GUI and API for calculation configuration;
  • Scalable Wintel architecture.