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About Arcontech

On 17th February 2009 Knowledge Technology Solutions PLC was renamed and is now incorporated under the name: Arcontech Group PLC (AIM: ARC). Arcontech Group PLC’s key trading subsidiary is Arcontech Limited.

Founded in 1979, Arcontech is real-time software specialist providing products and bespoke systems for collection, processing, distribution and presentation of time-sensitive financial markets data.

Arcontech is independent of any data vendor (such as Reuters or Bloomberg) and has thrived due to timely delivery of dependable, cost-effective solutions to the financial community based on its award winning CityVision product suite.

Arcontech installed its first digital market data products in 1996 and has continually developed new, innovative systems and products whilst taking advantage of leading edge technology.

Arcontech has experience of a wide range of technical concepts and applications and the ability to combine the best from each. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Data publishing and contributions
  • Cross vendor platform integration
  • Data caching and transformation
  • Enterprise data distribution
  • Leading edge Excel add-in
  • Data display
  • Consulting and custom development

CityVision Market Data Distribution Platform

CityVision enables the collection, aggregation, manipulation, redistribution and presentation of market data in real-time from multiple sources to multiple destinations. Sources can include Vendor feeds (e.g. Thomson Reuters ELEKTRON, Bloomberg BPIPE) exchanges and trading venues as well as data contributions from spreadsheets and internal pricing systems. Destinations include; internal systems, multiple vendors (e.g. Thomson Reuters MLIP2, Bloomberg MPF), users of Excel (remote and local) within the organisation and real-time streaming web updates.

CityVision is low latency, flexible, fully resilient, scalable, compliant and secure, with a full authentication and entitlements system. CityVision is extensible to receive instruments of any asset class, from any number of contributors and to provide controlled re-distribution to unlimited destinations.

CityVision interoperates with other systems (such as Thomson Reuters TREP and exchanges) via existing de-facto standards and interfaces (such as SSL (Marketfeed), RSSL (OMM), FIX and OpenMAMA) and via its own comprehensive APIs. This means it can provide cost effective solutions to integrate with or replace incumbent systems.