Real Time Excel

Excelerator is Arcontech's fast, efficient and reliable Microsoft Excelâ„¢ Add-In for high performance real time reception and publishing of market data. Excelerator is vendor independent, giving flexibility and control to manipulate data from many sources using Excel's rich mathematical and display features.

Excelerator integrates directly with multiple platforms at the same time, including CityVision, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, supporting dynamic reception and contribution of records, chains and pages, with the ability to build and shred pages within Excel. Simple dialogs ease data setup whilst single cell RTD functions allow direct spreadsheet entry and intuitive manipulation. An advanced API for VBA offers complete automation of reception and publishing tasks from Excel macros.

  • Connected: Direct connect to sources on RMDS/TREP/Bloomberg. SASS2/3 support with full DACS compliance
  • Resilient: Automatic recovery from server or network failure with instant failover to contingency systems
  • Publish and Subscribe: Records, Chains and Pages. Build and shred pages within Excel
  • Reliable: Built from proven software components, in use by hundreds of institutional users across the globe
  • Visual Basic API: Send and receive market data direct from VBA
  • Visible: Direct service status colouring in the sheet and in tray-app
  • Data and Vendor Neutral: Use data from multiple services simultaneously in one spreadsheet
  • Compliance friendly: Full contributions audit trail by user name (requires audit server)
  • Permission and License control: Control who's sending what data from where
  • Simple migration: Familiar formulae and compatibility mode to minimise spreadsheet rework and user retraining
  • Full colour "pop-up" pages: Display Inter-dealer broker pages with drag & drop shredding to Excel
  • Cost-effective: Replace expensive 'bundled' desktops with complete Excel-based low latency publishing